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Monday, September 24, 2007

"T" is for Tivo!

Just about to head home for a delicious night of new TV!! Woot! Part and parcel of that, of course, is the seasonal cleansing of the Tivo (or DVR. Whatever). Sadly, I canceled the series recordings of the now defunct "Veronica Mars," "The Dresden Files," and "Gilmore Girls." (There was something else I was going to miss, but I can't recall. I'll edit this later.) I also gave up on "ER." My coworker and I decided it jumped the shark when whole episodes of it began taking place in Africa. What part of "a series set in a Chicago county hospital ER" don't you get?!?

I added "The Office," which the roomie has been watching with his GF. I still often find it uncomfortable, but it can be very funny. Also added tonight's premiere "Chuck," which got a nice writeup on TeeVee. What else am I looking forward to? Of new shows, pretty much just "The Bionic Woman." Old stuff -- I can't wait for tonight's new "Heroes," as well as the returns of "30 Rock" and "My Name is Earl."

Let me know if I'm potentially missing anything else that looks good!



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