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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Low standards = Happy day

It's entirely possible that I may have imbibed a wee bit too much at a party for my friend Timothy's birthday last night. But you know? It's the weekend. I've already finished one book, am halfway through another, got in some lovely sleep and game time with my bear, and got some groceries. I'm feeling relatively accomplished, considering the rather low standards I set for myself this weekend.

I considered doing some shoe shopping (when don't I consider shoe shopping, to be honest?), but since I'm heading out to Denver next weekend, and have already discussed hitting the outlets out there, as well as doing some exciting formal wear shopping, I am (I think) being quite strong and holding off. Although I do need to be aware of time. I need to get my silver shoes to wear with the green dress for C's wedding, get the magic garment to wear underneath that holds everything in place, and only then can I take the dress in to be altered. All that within the next month.

Oh, and though I found (well, ok, Doyce sent me the link) a KICK-ASS Halloween costume, the cool party I've been to for the last few years isn't happening this year. Poo. Still, it's an easily walk-around-in-able costume, so I'll have fun wearing it to go trick-or-treating with the little munchkins, as is my usual.



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