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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Buzz off!

While off at my conference this weekend (more on that later), I got an email from Weddingbee that while they appreciated my application to be a bee (one of their bloggers), they didn't think I was the right fit for their site. Afterwards, I talked to Doyce about the decision, putting into words my reaction.

Basically? Though I hate rejection of all kinds, especially on my writing, in the last few weeks I've been rethinking my commitment to wedding blogging. I mean, it can be fun sharing little details of things my friends and family will get to see revealed on The Big Day, but I don't want to spend ages writing up vendor reviews, and detailing every last decision about a florist, or a cake. I mentioned that part of this new laissez-faire attitude may have to do with my sister getting married (in less than two weeks), but it's not about feeling bored with planning, or with the idea of getting married.

On the contrary. I've recognized that it's not about the flowers, or the dress, or the font on the invitations matching the programs. It's about celebrating together, a big party to start off a whole new life as a couple. We're not going to be a bride and groom forever, we'll be a husband and wife.

There was a lot of talk on the blogosphere about the NYC lawyer bride who sued her Upper East Side florist for $400,000 for the wrong color flowers at her reception, arranged in dirty vases only half full of water. What I took from the story? She was so concerned about getting the details right, she's missing the big picture.

I don't want to be that bride.

So while I'll continue to enjoy reading Weddingbee, and paging through my Modern Bride magazines, I don't have any drive to do more than that. I enjoy the fact that our wedding planning is mostly done, and if I can arrange the final details from afar, while already enjoying some of the post-wedding life, all the better!



Blogger ***Dave said...

I think for those who obsess over the details of wedding (or vacation, or party), at least some of it is a matter of fear, of loss of control. Folks don't face the big picture, because it's just too scary.


Of course, I tend to obsess over trivial details some times. But, then, I'm a control freak about some things ... :-)

I'm glad you're feeling relaxed and comfortable. Well done.

10/23/2007 8:18 PM

Blogger Miss Midwesterly said...

okay, seriously, who wants to be labeled a wedding bee anyway? the whole connotes busy-bodied-ness. animal names for groups of people should be relegated to small groups of children: guppy swimming groups; cub scouts, and the like. grow up, people, and, as you say, enjoy the big picture. i'm glad you're not a busy buzzing bee, too focused on the minute speck of pollen you're bringing to the party to see the hive.
/end bad metaphor.

10/24/2007 9:46 AM


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