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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ok, people, now you're just deliberately messing with me

So, the latest office-related update? For the last few days I've been thrilled to be working with my one-day-a-week assistant (let's call him OA, shall we?). He's fast, smart, incredibly competent, and he looks for more work to do. I told my boss that I would be thrilled to just have him as an assistant for the three days a week he's in the office, and not use my shared assistant at all (let's call her SA).

So what do the Powers That Be decide to do? I get OA once a week, my coworker with whom I share SA gets OA twice a week, and we both still share SA on the other days, I guess.

Does this make sense to anyone?

Presumably, the decision was made because OA goes back to classes in September, but last semester he still gave us two days a week of work, so why wouldn't that continue? I'd be happier with two days a week from him, than going back to sharing SA.

Le sigh.



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