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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I partied with Jay-Z

Well, he was in the next room. But I totally saw him. He got a drink from the same bar where I got my drinks! I didn't recognize him until I heard someone else say who it was, but he was there!

This was last night, after an author reading at The Strand which was followed by a small, intimate book party in a private room above The Spotted Pig in the West Village. I have decided (through observation only, and not hard evidence) that the private party room in that bar has the best bathroom in which to have sex in Manhattan. People, there's a SHOWER in it. A Shower!

Now, I've never actually had sex in a barroom bathroom, but there would have to be certain requirements -- privacy, spaciousness, something strong to hold onto -- and this one has it all, plus (did I mention?) a shower. Hands down winner!



Blogger Ali said...

Unless that bathroom comes with a full-sized bed, count me out.

(I've always wanted to go to the Spotted Pig but my ex is the maitre 'd there. Dammit!)

6/27/2007 9:08 AM


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