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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

3 Days / 3 Games

So last night marked my third tabletop RPG session in as many days. Have I gone over to the dark side of geekery? Well, maybe, but consider it a special occasion. Or series of occasions, as the case may be.
  • Sunday. Primetime Adventures with Doyce and Margie and Dave, a new series we're calling "Ill Met By Gaslight," in which yours truly plays young London aristocrat Lady Octavia Debenham. Her fiance having mysteriously disappeared several years ago, just after the first Fae crossed over into Victorian England, she's spent the time since searching for answers -- and finding something, at least, in the lavishly appointed bedchamber of Winterstone, a Fae prince. On his advice, she meets Avebury and the rest of what will become Dept. M, as she uses her social contacts in the ton to find clues. Stay tuned!
  • Monday. A D&D campaign run by Keeley that now finds our intrepid band of adventurers (Diggle's Trading Company Escort & Killing Service, perhaps?) aboard the Sea Wyvern, fighting off frogmen, doppelgangers, and finding ancient ruined statues, while my half-elven druid Terrami Orcaan cavorts in the sea with her pet shark Jules, occasionally turning into a shark herself, or bopping people on the head with a shilleagh.
  • Tuesday. Tombstone with Jay, a special event marked by my new character Carey Boudreuil's unexpected survival. One tries not to get too attached, but it's hard not to love a twin pistoleer hitting on a 8 (on a deck of cards), nearly criting her paid man, and still managing to appear as the heroine of the piece, rescuing her baby nephew from some filthy, filthy Injuns. Oh yeah, did I mention she's a prejudiced Lost Sheep Southern Methodist with nocturnalism, claws, fangs, an inability to cast a reflection, and supernatural movement and senses? The fall of Atlanta was hard for this poor Southern belle!
Which is quite enough for me for now, I have to say! I prefer my games a little more spread out.

In any case, this weekend finds this erstwhile geek at the Jersey Shore with a pile of manuscripts to read, possibly running a 5 mile race, and looking forward to getting some sleep. Yay!



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