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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well, that was a little disappointing

Went to my first appointment to shop for a wedding dress, at a beautiful little boutique a few steps from my office. They are actually the flagship store in the US for what the salesgirl told me is a long established Italian couture bridal line. I showed her my pictures of ideas I liked, she assured me that 99% of all the brides she's ever worked with bought the first dress they tried on, and then I started trying things on.

Well, I didn't love the first dress. Nor the second. Nor the third. The fourth was possibly the worst. I wasn't allowed to take pictures of course, but here's what I could find online.

Dress #1The first was probably closest to what I'm looking for: a simple bateau-style neckline, an a-line skirt, and a beautiful fabric. Unfortunately, the skirt started a little low on the thighs for me, so I felt it leaned more towards the trumpet or mermaid style that I dislike (more so on the model in the picture than on me, even). On the plus side, it was only $1,800 over my budget! Still, simple and pretty, but I wanted more skirt. On to dress #2!

Dress #2I've been leaning against a strapless dress because I don't want to spend the entire reception pulling up the bodice. Still, I tried this one on. It actually came in two pieces - a skirt that closed easily, and a boned corset top that did not. So, imagine trying to judge how well you like a dress while your boobs threaten to pop out! I did like the way the fabric draped across the middle of the dress, which I thought was very flattering. The skirt was big and poofy, and flowed beautifully, but I wasn't in lurve.

Dress #3 was pink! With a neckline that hit at the top of my shoulders, and did that thing where I worried I wouldn't be able to lift my arms while I was dancing. Dress #4 had a lacy top with long sleeves ("we can make them short sleeves!") that I took one look of in the mirror and thought "matron."

Basically, in conversation with the salesgirl, we decided that though I don't know exactly what I want -- I have pictures of elements of my dress, but not the whole thing yet -- I do know what I don't want. And what I don't want is exactly the kind of dresses that Atelier Aimee specializes in: overly romantic, poufified, embellished, fairy tale concoctions. Really, go look at some of their other dresses. It's kinda crazy.

So, we struck out. But in a way that I'm going to chalk up and call a good experience. One shop down, many to go!

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Blogger ***Dave said...

So, imagine trying to judge how well you like a dress while your boobs threaten to pop out!

{{coughs uncontrollably for a moment}}

There is precisely nothing I could say to that which wouldn't be completely wrong to say ... :-)

5/16/2007 5:10 PM

Anonymous Melissa McGinley said...

I got my ninth dress (when my mom, grandmother, and great aunt started crying we knew it was the one), it's also hard to figure out if you like a dress when industrial clamps are holding it closed (that's what Kleinfeld uses)

5/16/2007 6:22 PM

Blogger DeAnna said...

"Dammit, Kate, if you don't unclench this @#$^% bodice right now, we're OUT OF HERE!"

Yes, my bosoms have minds of their own, too. They protest stairs.

5/16/2007 7:55 PM

Blogger Margie said...

Have you thought about having your dress made for you. I found a style I like and my seamstress make it totally beautiful. I had a blast shopping for fabic and lace with my mom in San Francisco.

5/18/2007 11:29 AM


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