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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 3

Almost done!

Had a fun night yesterday with a fellow agent and her American friend living in London, and a great meal of fish n' chips, though the service was verging on hysterically bad. Asking about what beer was available required the waitress looking up a list, then getting another server to come over and describe them to us. Wacky, I tell you!

The fair seems completely manageable again, which is nice, plus I had an opportunity to walk over to the Black Lace Books foreign rights agent and introduce myself as one of their writers. I saw the catalogue copy for the upcoming collection that Doyce and I are in, and the cover is delightfully racy. Plus, the agent thinks she may have sold "Sex and Music" abroad - possibly in Germany. Woot! Can't wait to see a German translation of "Coda."

(MJ, this doesn't discount the fact that the LBF is "not that kind of a fair." I swear. I only introduced myself as an author because I'm also an agent.)

Anyway, just about half the day to go, and then I'm looking forward to finally getting some Wagamama for dinner, doing some shopping (tea, a favorite kind of conditioner that's no longer available in the US, biscuits, more maltesers, and, if I'm very very lucky, a free monkey of my very own), and going for a walk to take a little more advantage of the spring-like London weather.

And if I buy some more batteries for my camera, taking a few more pictures for illustrative purposes!



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