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Saturday, April 14, 2007

I should probably say more, huh?

Besides the fact that I live-blogged from the top of the London Eye? So yes, Maureen met me in my little hotel, and we hied ourselves away to Harrods, happy to learn that, yes! They did have a wedding dress salon, but no, they did not have a betting agent, so we hit the street to find a William Hill. Turns out today was the running of the Grand National, a 4 mile horse race rivaling the Kentucky Derby for a nation's attention -- more so, probably. MJ wanted to place a bet on a few ponies, which we did, then headed back over to Harrods for the Great Harrods Caper. Highlights included a real live pony, merchandise worth over 50,000 pounds, and a nice sit-down with some sorbet. MJ will have the full story, with video footage, on her blog, so I don't want to give anything away. Except that -- sadness! -- though we found the wedding dress shop, you did, in fact, need an appointment, and their Saturdays are booked until June. I was invited to call and make an appointment for a weekday, though. Then they might be able to fit me in sooner!

After Harrods, MJ's Oscar Gingersnort met us, and we traveled to Covent Garden to actually watch the Grand National, in a smoky Australian pub called "Walkabout," with a highly interested audience. It's quite a race, actually. No starting gate, so it took the 40 horse several tries to get all lined up for the start, then 30 jumps over the course of the four mile track. Lots of riders unseated, and the winner actually came in behind a riderless pony. Not one of MJ's picks, though. We headed out back into the sunshine (did I mention it's an utterly gorgeous Spring day here?) to sit outside and have a drink, but not before I stopped to take a picture of some flowers one of the other patrons in Walkabout had with them. Turns out they'd just come from a wedding, and the flower colors were the same as I want to use! The baskets hanging around Covert Garden were all lovely and purple and yellow, too, which makes me think I'm dead on with my choices for great spring flowers.

After a refreshing beverage and some crisps, we went into Marks & Spencer and I got myself a little spring raincoat, then we headed back underground to Waterloo and the South Bank to buy tickets for the Eye, and enjoy a little tapas at a great wine bar called At Bar One -- it's part of a chain, but a rather nice one. And I can recommend the Belgian Waffles!

Then, our "flight" aboard the Eye, with its gorgeous views up and down the Thames, followed by a turn on a carousel, just cuz. I waved goodbye to MJ and Oscar, walked across the Thames to Embankment, and headed back to Kensington to my hotel.

And now -- bedtime! I'm rather proud of myself for lasting the day without napping, but that's all at an end. G'night, England!



Blogger Bonnie said...

You guys are such good travelers, no fear, I am very jelous! Hope the rest of the trip is equally as adventurous.

4/15/2007 10:18 AM


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