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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day Two

Sitting at the table waiting for my second meeting of Day Two, taking a moment to catch up.

I am incredibly proud of myself for getting from a 6pm drinks appointment yesterday at Earl's Court back to the hotel, changed, onto the tube, down to Waterloo, and onto a 7:30 train to Guildford with ticket in hand. That was some fancy fast moving about!

Of course, once I got to Guildford, my cabbie got lost trying to find OG's flat, and I wasted almost 20 minutes puttering around his development. Still, finally found the place and had a yummy risotto dinner with ice cream for dessert while we watched the Great Harrods Caper, as well as the extra footage, soon to be available as DVD bonus footage! (Not really.)

Back into London and home again home again jiggity jig before the tube stopped running. Got a somewhat late start this morning, if only in terms of time to collect my thoughts and peruse blogs before breakfast, although I'm on track now.

Or would be, if my next meeting were to show up. Five more minutes, and I get to give up on her!



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