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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meandering around London

Slept in this morning and (knock wood) may have finally kicked the annoying stomach pain that's bugged me all week. So! After a refreshing shower in a really small space with exceptional water pressure, I had a late breakfast at a patisserie across from the Gloucester Road tube stop, then rode in to Green Park and have spent the last couple of hours just wandering around London: Green Park, St. James Park, Buckington Palace, Whitehall, Westminster, Trafalgar Square... I popped into the Cabinet War Rooms just to look at the shop, though with more time I certainly would have toured through one of my favorite museums in London again. Snuck into Waterstone's to see if any books spoke to me, but decided against carrying them around. Then crossed the Thames again at Embankment to meet MJ and OG.

More later!



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