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Friday, November 10, 2006

Earlier every year.

So, I KNOW it's early, but Christmas lists are on my mind, and there's early shopping to be done, so I'm delighted to present (in its completely random early form), a selection of possibly great gifts to buy for your favorite ktbuffy.
  1. A new apartment. No? Ok, how about this desk/bookshelf combination for a hopefully bigger, roomier apartment. I don't think there's a choice of colors, but I like the dark wood to match my bed and dresser.
  2. I love my J.Crew cashmere hoodie, and would LOVE another one. I have it in "heather carob" so any color other than that would rock. But not black. Or navy. Size medium, please.
  3. I need a new winter jacket, and I like this one from Lands End. The Weatherfield Diamond Quilted Jacket, in navy or khaki, I think. Again in medium, I think.
  4. Just about anything you want to find for me from Banana Republic. I like the Martin fit in pants, and this is a very pretty pencil skirt. Hopefully size 10.
  5. A docking system for my iPod. Something like this or this.
  6. I've got a friend who's handing down some barely used black stoneware dishes to replace my cracked everydayware, which means the colors of my kitchen will likely be changing, so feel free to contribute dishtowels, placemats, napkins, etc. with black accents. Black and what? you ask. No idea! Help me decide!
  7. With the new kitchen, I'd also love a new set of flatware. Nothing fancy. Just for everyday use. My heart's not set on anything specific.
  8. New sheets, in a basic go-with-everything color like tan or khaki. Again, simple (but a nice high thread count is a plus!)
  9. Looking for smaller things? Try this, this, or this! All of which I use regularly.
  10. Books and movies! I know, it seems impossible I could need any more, but I do. Check out the Amazon wish list for details.
    My Amazon.com Wish List

So there's a few ideas for ya. No pressure, and please don't consider this a plea for presents. It's just easier to put this up here and point peoples towards it than anything else. If you'd have no reason to get me a gift... Don't!

And so back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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Blogger Avocet said...

What about camouflage lingerie? I hear that's popular.

11/12/2006 3:50 PM

Blogger Ali said...

Dude, I love about sixteen different things on this list. The pencil skirt... the bookshelf... (totally almost bought that myself!)

11/16/2006 8:23 PM


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