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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Can't... do... it...

So, I've been struggling through Adverbs by Daniel Handler since my last trip home from Denver (only a week and a half ago, but still!). Each chapter is a short story entitled with an adverb, and each story is about love, somehow, with a cast of characters that moves from story to story, playing big roles in some and smaller roles in others. So you'd think I'd like it, given its similarities in style to our Storyballs. And for the fact that Daniel Handler is the real name of the pseudonyminous Lemony Snicket, who, if nothing else, can write some fun, silly, page-turners.

But this? Does NOTHING for me. I should have given up when I saw the blurb on the jacket from Dave Eggers. That should have been enough of a clue for me. Although, this essay on the Powells site is another clue. I quote:
Why are stories of other people meeting and falling in love invariably tedious?
But I didn't, and I've toted it around in my bag for AGES now, finding anything to do other than read it, including watching "The Ghost Whisperer," if you can believe that (My sister was watching it. It's not entirely like I CHOSE to watch CBS). And so, I'm giving up on it. Adverbs won't make it to the Recent Reads list, and I can dive into The Prestige.



Blogger DeAnna said...

Okay, now I'm curious. How bad could it be?!?

11/28/2006 10:47 PM


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