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Friday, November 17, 2006

Driving along in my automobile...

Do doot do doot do doot do doot...

Actually, I'm out here in Colorado again, and since Doyce had to go into his downtown office this morning, I dropped him off at the light rail and have enjoyed the use of his car (and carefully detailed hand-drawn map) today. Ran some errands -- marveled at everything I want to buy at Target, got perhaps overly ambitious in a crafty project at Michael's -- and even managed to finally post my third round story for Storyball, only four days late. Go me!

Meeting some friends for dinner and a movie tonight, which should be fun. Oh!! And yesterday, while I was killing some time after lunch and before Doyce was ready to leave work, I went into a Banana Republic (yes, they call to me with their siren song. So shoot me!) and tried on a bunch of pants. And they fit! Size 10 skinny jeans. Says so right on the label. Wooohooo!

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Blogger Boulder Dude said...

Woot on the Skinny! :)

And have a fun weekend.

11/17/2006 5:50 PM

Blogger ***Dave Hill said...


Sorry we missed your in-townage!

11/18/2006 11:27 PM

Blogger DeAnna said...


11/18/2006 11:43 PM


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