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Friday, October 06, 2006

Another day, another full schedule of meetings!

Long day yesterday, with meetings starting at 9:30 and going until 5, every half hour, with my first break not until 2:30. Luckily, my 5:30 meeting canceled, so I was able to head back to the hotel a little early, change, and nap for a little bit as I listened to "Date My Mom."

After that too-short interlude, my boss and I hit two cocktail parties at one hotel, stood in a long taxi line only to end up jumping it with another agent, then headed our separate ways: she to dinner, and I to the monster cocktail party of them all, where they were literally handing partygoers a map of which room had which kind of food. Gi-normous!

But I ran into quite a few folks I knew, had a couple of beers, and even managed to eat a little meat and potatoes before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel. Oh! And German taxis? Are Mercedes Benzes.

Back in my room, shoes happily off, I drew a bath, added some of my favorite lemon-scented Philosophy shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath (someone find me a link, will ya?) and soaked for a bit with a mass market paperback before crawling happily into bed some short time after 11pm.

And now? About to take my first meeting at the very comfortable hour of 10am, I managed to make it down to the hotel's buffet breakfast and was able to eat my own Cheerios, as well as a yummy big pot o' tea and some toast, with two mini corn muffins tucked away in my bag for later. "But what about your diet, ktbuffy?" You ask.

No worries. I don't think I've managed three meals a day since, oh, Monday, so I'm not worried. Honestly, if I get two meals, I consider it a good day. And that's not even getting into quality. Ta!

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Blogger Doyce said...

Lesse, we've got philosophy: old fashioned lemonade, or the whole line of philosophy 3-in-1 things.

This is that stuff from that one store, right?

10/06/2006 11:09 AM


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