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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Latest From Germany

Where I'm halfway through my first day in the Agents Center, and possibly on my first no-show. Interestingly, it's a meeting with an editor that I saw every time I turned around yesterday at the FFHof. Still, I have my fab new suit on, luscious heels, and I have lunch planned only three meetings away with our Eastern European subagent, who's a ton of fun.

I'd started to type out some funny German phrases from the free daily edition of the British trade magazine The Bookseller that they pass out to us every morning, but the best part of them were more the descriptions than the words, and that was too much to try to type with my blackberry. Still, German = funny!

Anyway, I keep getting interupted by meetings - have had two since I started this - so I will just end this and post it, and send more later!

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