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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ah! That's Better.

All done! Woot! My second to last meeting canceled, and I was able to move my 5:30 to an earlier time, so I was done with work shortly after 5, and made it back to the hotel to chat with Doyce at the airport on the way to New York, PLUS grab a massage at the hotel sports club before dinner. I'm so cool.

Still, it's a huge relief to be done. Yes, I'd hoped to get more of my notes done before going on vacation, but you know what? I'll just do 'em when I get home, and still probably be done before the others. One of my colleagues is also going on a week's vacation, and my boss always seems to take the longest, plus she has a new assistant who'll need to be walked through the assembling of the notes into a cohesive whole. So I'm not worried. I'm going to put all my work stuff together and Fedex it back to the office, so I don't have to lug it to Prague and back. So I won't be tempted on vacation at all -- at least not to do any work!

Last night's Russian party was much fun, as expected, and I got the opportunity to hang with our Eastern European subagents, do some dancing, and catch up with some other American rights people, which may be one of the best parts of Frankfurt. The rest of the year, we're all (sort of) competitors, but here, we're all just Americans Abroad, marveling at the wacky Russians, the teutonic Germans, the suave Italians, the chain smokers and multiple kissers. The whole exciting lot of 'em.

Now to start working on the Powers That Be to send me to Bologna in the spring!!

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Blogger DeAnna said...

Hm...if you fall of your diet in Italy, would you be full in Bologna?

10/07/2006 6:30 PM


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