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Friday, December 30, 2005

Next time I think to yank at something in the bathroom...

... Someone please remind me I'm not a plumber, ok? I mean, I fixed the clog in our bathroom sink, but in so doing, I kinda pulled apart the little drain plug. Got it disconnected from the little metal thingie that's connected to the level you pull or push to open or close it. So on the plus side I have a deeper appreciation for the engineering aspects of plumbing, and the sink doesn't take an hour to drain. On the minus side, the plug is just kinda sitting there. Not connected to anything.

Oh well. I can't do everything, right? Going to put away the Christmas tree decorations and watch a movie, I think. I rented "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Layer Cake," for I am nothing if not multi-faceted.

Oh, and in a similar vein, for those who like their news topical, the top 5 things Roto-Rooter technicians recovered on the job this past year. It's ok, it's not gross.


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