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Friday, November 30, 2007

High Tech Post!

So, Amazon's Kindle has been all in the news lately, and folks have been regularly fawning over the one in our office. Similarly, an editor I know recently posted about her company's trial run with the Sony Reader, which she's already in love with.

Now, I am all about saving paper. And money. And I love convenience (who doesn't?). So it may come as no surprise that I'm taking a good hard look at these devices and their ilk for possible future reading of submissions and such. (Not finished books, though. I like the experience of reading books too much to switch for those.) I think that's why I appreciated Alvina's review of the Sony Reader -- unlike most of the recent articles and such on the Kindle, which focus on it as a device for reading finished books, her opinion is on reading manuscripts. And yes, sitting on a crowded subway train during a holiday rush hour is probably not the best time to pull out a loose manuscript.

All that being said though, I recognize that I'm not an early adopter. I'm not going to be the first person on my block with the hot new technology. And for the most part, this has worked out nicely for me. I lucked into a iPod mini, and though my version's no longer being sold, it still works (well enough) for me. I wasn't the first in my family or circle of friends to get a digital camera, but I was able to benefit from their experiences with them to get a good one, when I finally decided I wanted one.

It always takes me an extra year or so to want the new gadget.

So consider this a no-rush kind of request for information. If you hear anything about these new devices, if you use one yourselves, if you've got a hot tip on a sweet sale, let me know. Someday, I may just bite.

In the meantime, I have to go print out a submission.

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