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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Store #2

At lunch today, with my maid of honor in tow, I hit my second bridal boutique, and had a MUCH better experience shopping! For one thing, I probably tried on twice as many gowns. For another, I actually found one that I liked a lot. Although, for $3,500, I don't love it. My budget is much smaller than that, but it opened my mind up to a few more possibilities.

I went in with these two pictures of gowns from The Knot. When I told the saleswoman I was looking for a bateau neckline, she said that they're very difficult to find lately, so I guess those were older pictures. Gee, thanks, The Knot! Anyway, my sister and I picked out three dresses to try on at first, and as we found something about each that seemed off to us, the saleswoman (Nicola) went out and brought in more dresses, finally showing us a very pretty strapless dress in a soft ivory/off-white shade, with Alencon lace and tulle ruching at the bodice, and a tulle bow to tie loosely and trail down the train. 'Twas purty. She showed us how it could be made with little tulle cap sleeves, which was very very nice.

Not $3,500 nice, I reminded myself.

Still, for the first time in my dress-trying-on experience, I felt truly bridal. After putting another dress I liked back on, and deciding I didn't like it as much as the strapless one, I put that back on, and flounced a bit around the salon, with a veil in my hair, flipping my train around as I paced a bit in front of a mirror.

We even sneaked a couple of pictures that I have to upload, and may or may not decide to post. And I just checked online, and they're going to be having a trunk show at Kleinfeld's (where I'm going on Sunday for a sample sale, and dress shopping excursion #3), so I may drop in there again, just in case there's any price differential. Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to try!

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