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Friday, June 08, 2007

Doing it Family-style

I'm just about on my way to lunch, as I have to stop off at my sister's office on the way and drop off some bridal magazines. Yep, you heard me. My sister and her long-time boyfriend/partner/significant other/whatever the appropriate term is got engaged a couple of weeks ago in Hawaii, and if you think Doyce and I moved fast to plan our wedding in April next year, you should see the mach speeds she's achieving for her November wedding.

They're getting married before us, which I'm totally fine with, because a) as I said, they've been together for ages and they have the money to spend now, unlike us who are saving up for our shindig, and b) because this way I get to show Doyce how big and wild and extravagant a NYC wedding could be, and aren't we being oh-so-very-sensible and, dare I say it? Frugal with our choices. Also, I'm confident enough in our personalities that just about every little bit of our weddings will be different. To whit:

Her: a Big City Saturday night black tie party
Me: a suburban Saturday afternoon cocktail and dance party

Her: Ballroom and Catholic church wedding
Me: Country Club and Protestant ceremony

Her: Sit down meal
Me: Buffet style

I'm sure more differences will appear as her planning moves along. It was fun yesterday while Patty and I were dress shopping to send her an email that the salesgirl said she needed to order her dress now in order to have it in time. C's response? "Tell her to mind her own business!"

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