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Monday, April 09, 2007

Long Day

But I'm not allowed to complain, since I had an easier day of it than Doyce, who flew back with Kaylee to Denver this morning. Still, for one who so dearly loves to sleep in (as my various family members repeatedly reminded me about this weekend, or told Doyce), getting up at 6pm to drive to the airport, then heading from there up to Westchester to drop off my sister's car, then turning around and taking the train back into the city to walk up to work, all by 10:30 in the morning all left me a little wiped.

I'll rally, though. I called our new best friend Kevin, who's the GM at the club where we've decided to host our wedding reception, to get the details as to where to send our check for the deposit. Even without seeing menus or stuff, because we just know he'll do an awesome job, and the club is beautiful. Plus, we like working with family friends. Also called the reverand at the church he recommended, where we have another friend-of-the-family connection, and are hoping that gets us in there, too, which will mean both our ceremony and reception sites booked the appropriate 12 months in advance. Go us!

Also making preliminary appointments with photographers, and setting one of my bridesmaids to research cake places. Tomorrow, I may go down to a bridal sample sale, just to see what they have-- I'm not sure I'm yet in (or will ever be in) sample sizes, but I figured it was worth investigating.

And custom M&Ms are expensive! But so worth it.

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