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Saturday, March 03, 2007


As Alisha already mentioned, it's gorgeous, practically Spring-like out, and a girl's thoughts turn naturally to... well, if you're me, cleaning. I know, it's flat out unnatural, but there you go. Our cleaning woman is coming again today, so I've done a nice cleaning up of the place, just straightening things up, putting away the last of the "winter" decorations, going through my mail and filing bills and such. I even got all my tax stuff in order so I can start that, and hope for a nice refund, to get my finances back on track. We probably went a little too long between cleanings this time, since I keep looking around and seeing stuff that I'm half tempted to clean myself, but I'll leave it for the lady.

Nice lady. Happy cleaning!



Blogger Bonnie said...

We turn to cleaning too. I don't have a cleaning lady but I did win a coupon for a free cleaning from the Merry Maids gals. I am temped to use it now, but I am hoping that we will be house shopping again in the spring and I am also considering saving it for when we move so that we definitely get the deposit back. But knowing Reggie he would clean for the cleaning person. He hates dirt, doesn't mind dust, but hates dirt. Go figure.

3/06/2007 9:41 AM


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