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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Truly Divine!

Also, fictional! Check out "Margot Tremont Had An Itch." Some of you may recognize it from our second Storyball, but I'd be very grateful if you'd click on over anyway. And, maybe I suggest, recommend that others click too? There's lots of interesting stuff to read -- not just mine. (Although I'm partial to all of mine.) A little tease:
Kentucky was just a thing to travel through in order to get to Memphis, Tennessee. To get to Graceland. She holed up in the Heartbreak Hotel across the road from Elvis's house, and took the tour with appropriate awe. Still, it felt... small, she thought. Margot had expected something grander. He was the King, wasn't he? On the way out of town, heading into Arkansas, she passed a shining black pyramid by the river and thought he ought to have lived there. That would have been better.
More to come!



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