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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Flip That House, Not The Channel

Been wondering why your favorite ktbuffy is so addicted to home redecorating, design, and organization shows? Wonder no longer! Go read all about it on Divine Caroline!

I'm having a lot of fun with these pieces -- not just the stories, which are always great to have readers for -- but the articles, too. I'm stretching my wings, so to speak, trying out a sort of Glamour-esque, Cosmo Girl kind of voice that isn't entirely me, but is a magazine-y persona. It's not like writing for my blog, which is more personal, I think. There's something glossy, and thus, a little slippery about magazine-style writing. Shiny and superficial.

And to that end, (speaking of superficial!) I'd love to get paid for this kind of writing, so I ask again -- drop by Divine Caroline as often as you can. Click on one of my articles. Do it all again the next day, and you can help me rake in the big bucks, someday. Ah, that ethereal "someday."



Blogger Bonnie said...

Read it, very cute. We had this conversation while you with us in SD. I am glad that we have a few partnering additions. The difference is though that you and Doyce can think, dream and do it. Where I think, dream it and then freeze. Past painting a wall, there is not much I will do without dad there to guide the process. If things were up to Reggie we would have a black and white house!

3/01/2007 8:17 AM

Blogger ktbuffy said...

Well, I'm just up to the thinking and the dreaming so far. The doing it's still a bit away, and as I believe was discussed, we'll be asking your dad for help!

3/01/2007 11:05 AM


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