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Friday, January 05, 2007

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Back safely in New York, and doesn't it just figure, but it's snowing again in Colorado! (As the large majority of my readers already know.) I was going to post a gorgeous picture from last week's big storm, but someone beat me to it. Still, I have lots more pictures! Like this one!And this one, which is from our snowy hike with the puppies.Speaking of which... don't say I never show you pictures of me.I have another 70 or so, but you can't possibily want to see all of them, and I KNOW I don't want to post them all.

And yes, I'm aware I haven't yet done much of a recap of the whole trip, but on the whole, it involved a lot of relaxing, lazying about, watching "Coupling" (every episode of all four seasons!), shoveling, playing CoH/CoV, and going dancing. Oh! And there was some shopping. I love the post-holiday sales!

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