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Sunday, December 24, 2006

'Twas the night before Christmas!

And all the presents are wrapped,
The cookies are baked,
The table is ready (well, almost),

... and other stuff.

No midnight mass this year, since Mom's feeling poorly and is already in bed. I'm sniffly myself, and have been very careful not to sneeze on any of the cookies we made today. Of course, my fingers are all dried out and cracking from all my repeated washings of my hands, even though I keep trying to gloop on the hand lotion.

Still, 'tis the season! Tomorrow, I'll be distracted from wanting to open presents by having to make au gratin potatoes for dinner, and help with the rest of the meal. Still, I'm sure I'll get that pang first thing in the morning... and then have to WAIT until the whole family congregates for the big unwrapping. I just hope everyone likes their presents!

Anyway, heading early to bed with some cold medicine. And, though I may be in my 30s, I still figure the sooner to bed, the sooner Christmas will come! Huzzah!

Merry Christmas, everyone! And happy holidays to all!



Anonymous Jenna said...

Merry Christmas, KT to you and your family!
All the best!
Jenna, Tom and the girls

12/25/2006 12:58 AM


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