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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

CoH Update

I should be working on HtDaS, but instead have spent a lovely amount of time here in Colorado playing CoH with Doyce's characters, as well as soloing some of my own while he played some WoW. Yes, we're geeks. Anyway, having never ever really done a round-up of my characters (mostly because for two years I only had one) I thought it would be a hoot to start the New Year off with a list:

ktbuffy's CoH/CoV toons
On Champion
Noelle Frost, my level 50 ice/force field controller. For ages, my only toon. Doyce and I were discussing just last night how she was my window into CoH, and to the extent that she's the only toon I really care about doing all the content, she remains so. Since I hit level 50 though, there's less to do with her, so I made
The DeepFreeze Debutante, currently a level 11 ice/ice blaster. RP-wise, she's an older Noelle Frost, who's spent several years elsewhere (off-world, or just out of Paragon. I'm still undecided) working with her powers, now more offensive than defensive. Must be a reason for that, I imagine...
On the evil side of Champion, there's
Shadowslip, a level 28 ninja/ninjitsu stalker. Decided not to go through the fitness power pool for her, and thus plan never to take stamina, since her character is more about quick strikes from the shadows and then disappearing. OOC-wise, though, she teams a lot with Markov Chain, who lends her quite a bit of endurance and speed and health.
On Freedom
Ginger-Snap is my Hostess Hero, a level 28 electrical blast/energy manipulation blaster. Aside from costume misssions and special events, Ginger's never taken a mission of her own. Hooray for the Monday Munchies! She also doesn't have any travel powewr, except for three-slotted swift and two-slotted sprint. But she can run invisible!
On Virtue
Lady Optimism, my level 15 Radiation Blast/Thermal Radiation Corruptor. The cheeriest villain in the Rogue Isles, based on and costumed as a cheerleader gone ever so slightly off. Her husband and partner in gleeful crime is Mister Brightside.
And finally, on Victory
Sophie MacIntyre. My Slayer. A level 15 Martial Arts/Invulnerability scrapper. Leader of The Scooby Gang, of course, though the gang has contracted in size since it was first created. Originally created to play with a set group of people, now just fun to play whenever.

And that's all of 'em. And having talked about them now, I think I'm going to play for a bit. For those of you looking for me in the real world, I'll be back in NYC tomorrow night. Cheers!



Blogger Boulder Dude said...

Have a safe trip today, and about time you posted a "toon" list. :)

1/04/2007 10:09 AM


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