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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Great Apartment Hunt 2006!

Went to look at another apartment today at lunchtime, after seeing one last night and finally, finally! getting a hold of our buddy Costas, who seems to have forgotten ever showing us an available two-bedroom apartment. So, we keep looking. The one I saw today was a basement apartment in a house sort of building, rather than the apartment building we prefer, but I wanted to see it before dismissing it out of hand. Silly me. I could have just dismissed it out of hand, and saved myself the trip to Queens.

Another requirement to add to our list: no linoleum floors anywhere other than the kitchen, and even that's pushing it. Also, to landlords? Renovating an apartment doesn't mean just painting it. It means ripping out the kitchen appliances that haven't been changed since the 70s. Just a hint.

So the search continues. If anyone knows of any available apartments in Astoria, or has a great broker or landlord, please let me know. Thanks!



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