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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Sitting at the Karlstejn train station (nadrazi, for those of you trying to pick up some Czech) waiting for our ride back into Prague. Did lovely castle touring this morning, to the "most visited castle in the country," as my ever-fattening guidebook tells me. See, as we go along, I've been putting flyers for places we've seen and ticket stubs and receipts and business cards into the book, so it gets bigger and bigger and heavier and heavier.

This afternoon, when we get back to the city, we're hoping to hit the Museum of Decorative Arts, and later return to the Irish pub we liked for live music.

Trying not to think about packing all the souvenirs we've bought - or still plan to buy - back into my suitcases for the trip home. Eek!



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