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Friday, February 15, 2008

Quiet on the Blogosphere

Ok, not really. But I've had to make blogging on my new site a priority, and that means poor little ktbuffy-a-go-go suffers in comparison. Doyce and I are contemplating a move to a join blogging site for several purposes, but until that happens, I really should be better about keeping at least SOMEWHAT up to date over here.

So! Unpacking: mostly done. What's left to unpack are more books, which need to be organized and shelved -- very possibly a project for this weekend, as well as lots of little knickknacks, which need places to put them. We picked out a dresser for the bedroom, which should help somewhat, but there's stuff I'd otherwise use to accessorize the living room and dining room which may have to stay boxed up, at least for now.

Setting up of the business: accomplished! I have a couple of new manuscripts out on submissions, as well as several of my authors' next projects out with their previous publishers. The office still needs a big desk, and I have to get some little wheeled drawer system things, but it's all coming together. I'll admit to looking forward to being able to put away my files, but for now that's waiting until the desk comes in, so we don't have to move the big filing cabinet twice.

Birthdays: enjoyed! A little snafu on the traveling front on Tuesday, but I'm putting it behind me. We had fun at our dance class, then Wednesday I made a cake, and last night we went out for dinner and a movie. It's been a good birthday week.

Secret Ten List: still somewhat unfinished, but not forgotten. Maybe this weekend I'll be able to reveal the final contestants somehow. Stay tuned!



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