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Thursday, September 06, 2007

TV Review, or, all about my clothes.

So, after the roomie's girlfriend watched "Top Chef" last night (while I pondered the fact that most of the comments made by the participants were the exact same as those muttered on "Design Star," barring only the change of words from "food" to "design," usually), she and I sat down to a sneak preview of Bravo's new show, "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style." Really, it was sneaky! The cable listing for Bravo for that hour only said "To Be Announced."

Anyway, unlike some people I know (Ali) who are ardent watchers of "Project Runway," I'm late to the whole Tim Gunn love fest, but I love a makeover show, so I was curious to give it a shot. Overall reaction? I'll just keep watching "What Not To Wear," thanks. Nothing is specifically said about how much money the makeover people get to shop with, and Tim kept giving away "gifts" like a Coach bag or black pearl necklace that seemed so extravagant. Also, considering that the candidates seemingly volunteer themselves, the woman on last night's preview episode, a 40-year-old hairstylist and mom from Long Island, seemed incredibly hesitant to give up her clothes. I can understand that attitude on WNTW, where people are volunteered by their friends, coworkers, or family members, but if you sign yourself up for a makeover, leave your hesitancy behind!

Tim (and his cohost Veronica, who left almost no impression on me, besides an orange residue from what seemed a bad fake-and-bake) were way gentle, leaving me looking for Stacy and Clinton to pop up with some hard truths. Yes, they called the Long Islander's clothes "slutty," but I missed the 360 degree mirror and the useful shopping rules.

The one thing I did like was Tim's list of essential clothing items every woman should own. How'd I do?

The 10 items on Tim Gunn's essential shopping list for women:
  1. Basic black dress -- I have not one, but two! My Audrey Hepburn-esque short sleeveless number, and a long silk crepe de chine 40s number from J. Peterman.
  2. Trench coat -- I got a short one at Marks & Spencer this spring. But technically, no, I don't have this.
  3. Classic dress pants -- Wearing them today, in fact! I love Banana Republic's Martin Fit, and need to go pick up another couple of pairs in different fabrics and weights. These are straight leg, low-waisted, pocketless trousers that are so flattering. And comfortable.
  4. Skirt -- Again, thanks to Banana I have a great grey pencil skirt that reminds me of the other Hepburn, Katherine, in such classics as Desk Set and Adam's Rib. I have another fantastic brown skirt that I used to wear almost daily, but it's now a little too big. Would love to replace it, as it has a fun flare at the hem I love.
  5. Blazer -- Can I count my black jacket for my BR suit? Tim would probably fault me on this, but I console myself that at least I knew enough to toss two blazers I bought a year or so ago that are way too boxy, and hit me in all the wrong places. I felt like a square in them, so off to Goodwill they go!
  6. Jeans -- I have these! Yay for Lucky Brand jeans, and the best $108 dollars I've ever spent on clothes.
  7. Classic white shirt -- This is one of my goals for "back-to-school" shopping. A nice, crisp, white button down, that isn't tailored for a guy, and yet still manages to close over my boobage. This may be difficult...
  8. Day dress -- I need some more of these for work, but I do have a nice black & white faux wrap dress I bought before the Frankfurt Book Fair last fall, that I still love. The "faux" is what's key in keeping the girls covered.
  9. Cashmere sweater -- Happily, yes. Again with the Kate Hepburn reference, I have several short sleeved cashmere sweaters, that I wear as often as I can.
  10. A comfortable alternative to a sweatsuit -- I count my black yoga pants from Old Navy, which I can pair with any one of a million t-shirts. When it's cold, I have a black pullover running top with thumb holes, that I love.
Bonus: an indulgent, trendy item -- Do my purple shoes count? Hell yeah!

How do you do?

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Blogger Miss Midwesterly said...

you have a Peterman item? too bad i didn't write the backstory for the silk crepe de chine number. it would've been fun to think that i'd influenced your purchase in some way...

9/09/2007 11:51 AM


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