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Monday, September 03, 2007

Back Home

Caught a ride with my sister, her fiance, and my mom this morning from the Shore back into the city, all jazzed to get all my laundry done and be incredibly efficient, maybe even doing some cleaning, or sorting through stuff, or at the very least catching up on my DVR-ed tv shows.

Well, the laundromat is closed. And I just spend an hour reading up on people's blogs. So I'm not quite getting the rousing start to fall that I was planning on. Still, hours to go before I sleep, and all that.

After a long conversation with my sister about my move to Denver next spring, I've decided to see if I can't start putting a few more things in boxes and ship them early. Plus, as I get ready for my fall wardrobe, I'm sure there's some spring and summer stuff I can pack away. I may need to go back to Denver and get them for our honeymoon, but whatevs.

So, I'll go out for a walk and get a sandwich from the yummy bagel place, then come back here ready to do a bit of not-spring cleaning. By the way, MJ, I stole your vaccum cleaner. In case you were looking for it.



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