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Monday, September 17, 2007

Hair stuff

So I was out to lunch, my mind drifting, thinking about the Emmys and about my wedding -- as you might imagine, since the Red Carpet pre-show I caught on E! was all about weddings, from Guilana's to Ellen's to Eva's to Rebecca's to Katherine's, etc. And the fact is, I got my idea for my wedding hair from some Red Carpet shots from the past -- Julia Roberts and Kate Beckinsale, mostly, so I was eager to see if any of today's crop of stars were showing anything exciting -- maybe for me to try for C's wedding in November.

But you know? I was pretty disappointed! I trolled a bit on the internet to find some shots of the stars, to see if anything stuck with me, but nothing did. Nothing good, at least. I really didn't love Ellen Pompano's giant beehive, and that weird wing of hair on Kate Walsh's right side was just disturbing.

You know who looked adorable? Veronica Mars -- soon to be appearing on Heroes! Her hair was pulled back, but loose, not tightly slicked like her soon-to-be-costar Hayden-Just-Turned-18, or Katherine Heigl. One look I didn't love was Marcia Cross', who hit her hair with a straight iron and just let it hang. Likewise Debra Messing, both with such pretty red hair, but kinda boring.

Loved the female half of Filliam H. Muffman, though, and she's got me rethinking my idea of a long piece of jewelry to hang down my back in my backless dress for C's wedding. Loose wavy hair above an open back and a happy, loving partner: that's all I need!!

Did anyone see some great hair I missed? And what were your favorite looks altogether? I loved Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but then you know I'm a sucker for purple!

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