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Monday, July 23, 2007

Kinda weird, sort of appropriate

So I just got a press release from my dentist (I know, let's just move on) touting a new teeth-whitening procedure they're going to be doing. Now, this is on the long list of things I want to do before the wedding, but the email brought it up again to my attention (well, that, and the recent issue of Real Simple I saw which rated a few different methods of tooth whitening). My fear of dentists and various tooth-related issues is well-documented, I think, and yet I want to do this. So, what to do? Go for something I can get at Duane Reade for about $40 -- not inconsequential, but not crazy expensive -- and trust myself to use it all? Or pay what will likely be more money (don't know how much yet) for a one-time process that someone else will do to me, during which I can possibly zone out completely? (I wonder if they'd give me nitrous for a tooth whitening?) In any case, I will continue on as I have been -- whitening toothpaste while still enjoying multiple coke zeros a day.


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