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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In the meanwhile...

Much more posting coming tonight, as I hope to finally remark on a string of emails I have sitting in my inbox. Tune in later for Divine Caroline links, ways to save the planet, and, um, shopping!

In the meantime, some of my readers may not visit MJ's blog with regularity (although you really should! She's funny when she's not being banned in Oklahoma!), but she and I had a chance to sit down on Sunday and answer some "Ask An Agent" questions. To check out the podcast, visit here.

Also, not to give too much away if you're saving it on your DVR or VCR for future viewing, but was anyone else as throughoutly confused by the various timelines suggested in Monday's episode of Heroes? It took a look conversation with Doyce last night to get to a point where it made a smidgeon of sense to me, but I don't want to look too closely at it, in case it all blows up in my face. In any case: whoa! Can't WAIT for next week!

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Blogger T.S. said...

I was ok with Heroes but I was so excited to have another episode that I may have missed something. This is why I can't wait for the DVDs - so I can go back and check out all the stuff I've missed.

By the way, is there an easy way to go back and find all of your Ask the Agent posts? Is there a tag-link?

5/03/2007 1:41 PM


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