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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another one for the ladies

So the fantabulous Bloom and I just spent my lunch hour at Linda's Lingerie on Lexington (no website, thus, no linkage) getting fitted for new bras. I hadn't properly been fitted in ages, and what with recently having lost over 40 pounds (43 and counting!) I knew it was time to do something about it.

Linda's is a small store, with one girl behind the counter and the estimable Linda. We walked in and asked to be fitted, and momentarily were behind adjacent velvet curtained alcoves, tops off, measuring tapes around our busts. Linda gave us each a look-see, and returned with three bras. She helped me on with each, lifting and cupping and placing things where they ought to be, and like magic, each one fit perfectly. Perfectly.

I've struggled before in finding the right fit -- the size on the tags sometimes seems to have nothing to do with the actual fit of a bra -- but each one of these I put on was flattering and hoisted things into the proper position. With my top back on, I felt like I lost another 10 pounds, easily, the right bra actually holding the girls up, defining my torso and my waist so much better.

I spent way too much money of course, but on Linda's advice bought two nude bras and one black one (and some matching thongs). White bras, she told me, show under everything, and shouldn't be worn even under white shirts. She also advised giving bras a break between wears, so that you're not wearing the same bra two days in a row, and the fabric has time to readjust. Finally, they advised not inverting the cups one into the other when you store them, but either laying them flat in a drawer, or in a row.

I walked out feeling perky and yes, boobtastic, eager to go home and toss all my old, poorly fitting bras. Linda's other advice: buy a new bra every six months, so I'll be back in June!

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