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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So pretty!

So, the girls and I had a great night out last evening, drooling over the scrumptious Daniel Craig in the new Bond movie. And MJ was appropriately eagle-eyed, and picked out Virgin CEO Richard Branson in a crowd scene. Me? My eyes were on Bond. Heh.

Still, a great action movie, and decidedly better than any other recent Bond flick, with their ridiculous villians and plot. This had a slew of poker-themed blinds and double-blinds, high stakes and higher stakes, as well as some great lines/hands. (Sorry, I tried to take that metaphor as far as I could take it.)

In other news, Blogger has undergone some exciting changes, and I now have the opportunity to add labels to my posts. Like categories, only labelier. Help me come up with some! What sort of themes do I often talk about? Or should I make it a thing that every post has a different, distinct label? How much do I want to use something like "Nonspecific blathering"?

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