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Sunday, February 11, 2007

SCBWI wrap-up

Was at the SCBWI winter conference this weekend, and had a very interesting, very good time. As always, it's fun to hang out in social situations with my peers, especially some of those whom I officially "compete" with on a daily basis. But it was great to actually be able to sit down and talk with the writers, to repeat some of the advice I've given here, to help them shape their manuscripts, and start thinking about editing their work. Sure, there were some people at different stages than others, but that, I think, is one of the greatest strengths of the Society. Unlike the SFWA, for instance, which requires an accredited publication for full membership, all the SCBWI requires is a membership fee and a love for creating children's books. Sure, that leaves the group open to a wide range of skill and knowledge levels, but I think that's its strength. Neophyte writers can learn from older, more experienced members, passing along knowledge like a proper old apprentice program. I'm looking forward to becoming much more involved with the group, and to participating even more in some upcoming conferences.

Because, as it turns out, I have some knowledge of my own, and I like sharing it. Or at least using it to refute other's misconceptions. Whee!!



Anonymous T.S. said...

I really had a great time as well. I only attended the cocktail party but I really think I want to become more involved with SCBWI. Everyone just seemed so warm and open and friendly, and it really reminded me that the children's book industry is like one big family. The free food and wine weren't bad either! ;-)

2/13/2007 12:03 AM


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