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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still here!

It's a funny thing about this blog. Before, I couldn't use it to write work-related posts, or had to hide work news in vague details. So, I was more personal, and blogged regularly.

And now, when I have an official work blog (http://www.ktliterary.com/daphne.html, or you can subscribe here), this blog languishes, as I spill all my words on work stuff! Wacky!

I'm not giving up here, though. I'm sure that the time will come again when I want to post more personally, and share details about my life that remain vague on my work site. So ktbuffy a-go-go continues to go-go -- although my posts here continue to be cross-posted to Facebook, so there remains some sense of keeping things a little private. I have to see if I can pick and choose which notes from here get posted there -- I think it's possible. I will explore.

Because, clearly, I just can't quit you, internets.



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